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Cryptolocker Virus Precautions

Advice on advising and mitigating the effects of the Cryptolocker Virus


Defense Against Cryptolocker Virus and its Imitators

Virus Removal Services


  • Ensure that you have security software installed and that it is up to date.
  • Ensure that you regularly update your Windows system.
  • Don't open attachments from unknown sources or from emails that appear to be from a legitimate source but are suspicious. Do not click on links in emails which appear suspicious.
  • Regularly back up important data and keep it within unconnected storage. This should either be to an External Hard drive or a USB flash drive.
  • Consider moving more data to cloud services offered by DropBox, Sugar Sync and others.
  • Use software to identify if a computer is infected. If so, disconnect it from networks immediately and call One36.
  • If you believe you have been compromised, change online account passwords and network passwords after removing the system from the network.
  • Block .exe files over email, including within ZIP files. This can usually be done using an anti-spam system.


If you have any concerns regarding this please let us know and if you feel 
uncertain about whether the above is in place then drop your computer in to us and we can give it a service and ensure that all of the above issues are covered.


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