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Get Your Google Ranking Up


We are often approached by business customers who realise they have a need for a website of their own, either as the main promotional vehicle for their business or an information resource for existing customers.  Many businesses will seek the help of a professional web designer because they may not have the creative talents or the time to be able to build and support their own site.  Others may be very keen to do the whole thing themselves to both keep the costs down and enable them to edit the site as and when they see fit.  One36 Computing are pleased to be able to offer training using a free online web design package, but it is very important for businesses to realise that the work doesn’t stop when the website is published and available, in many ways that is just the start!  For your website to be found by potential customers who don’t already know about you, your site will need to get a good ranking on search engines such as Google.  This is known as Search Engine Optimisation.  There are many companies out there who will promise first page ranking on Google but be aware that if they can achieve it for you it will come at a considerable price.  To achieve it yourself means putting in the work.  One of the principal ways of increasing a ranking in Google is to have links from other websites and also reviews placed on other websites. Typical websites worth considering for this purpose are the following or their equivalent for your industry: www.computerrepaircompanies.co.uk and http://www.businessitonline.com/one36-computing.bio  

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